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enjoy :) ...before it's too late :(
Je n'a pas un nom. C'est bête. Je n'a pas une âge. C'est bête. Je me sens triste. C'est bête.
haha bob. haha
swept away... and I'm swept away
that is good!!
I'm aBle to make my own decisions *yay*
i'm missing something and i'm looking forward to a special moment that will be there... i just have to be attative and wait. and as long as i'm gonna be waiting i'll get to know more about life. as i just wrote that i realized how much that relates to other things too that occure in my life, not only these one i usually tried to finde letters for. about the "thing" i wrote it for, i can just say: it has got positive and negative sites. i can't really name them. it's SO weird. it confuses me in a lot of ways. negative is when i meet people and they wanna talk about it and i can't tell them i don't wanna because i'm rude... actually it's also positive, because i like them and i know they see me in a positive way... so weird <3
l'envie de faire qc
i be just fine, pretending i'm not
STOP - in the name of love, before you break my heart
just living the time to...
Du bist Besucher Nummer !!!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Das ist was ganz Besonderes!
Schön, dass du da bist!
what's going on?

and this is my way...
i ain't loosing any sleep
I loved you since I knew ya
i have to tell you just how i feel
the roof the roof the roof is on fire
one day i'm gonna...
i'll be there when your heart stops beating i'll be there when you last breath is taken away in the times when we both stop listening in the times when we both get carried away
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